Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products.

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Engineered water solutions : flush valves and mechanisms developed in the USA.

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Latest Products

6/3 Liters flush is the current standard, GBH tops it with 1.5 Liter flush

Do you have to flush twice sometimes, even on a new toilet? Thats because the toilet you use is a reject. There is a lot of toilets out there that just doesn't work. The problem can be derived from disfunctional traps to failing mechanisms all in the name of saving costs by the manufacturer at the expense of higher water bills and the environment. All GBH wares have been tested tediously and we are now proud to reveal a new innovation that betters global expectation by 50%: the Turbo Flush.

Electrically and vacuum assisted, just like the airplanes, it only uses 1.5 liters of water per effective flush and have been installed in our factory for over a year to benchmark its performance.

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Turbo Flush Brochure (PDF, 492k)

Economical street toilet

The Economical Street Toilet (EST) is a concept utilizing core mechanisms developed with the Automatic Street Toilet model without the luxury frills. This does not mean that it would be any less functional. Clever cost savings were made by altering the materials used and the exclusion of air conditioning.

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Economical Street Toilet Brochure (PDF, 2.2M)

Flood relief cluster portable toilets

Climate change has altered water levels around the world giving cause for the design of the Flood Relief Cluster Toilets as a component for any disaster relief facility. We realized that the alternatives found in the portable toilet industry are not suited for our tropical environment. Inadequate capacity, ventilation, improper ergonomics and technical maintenance required to service typical portable toilets are the problems solved with this product.

The basis of the design stems from a universal frame that could either house a shower, toilet or urinal. The flexibility of the product allows it to be configured to suit the condition of the event.
The central water/septic tank allows the cluster to function independently without the aid of electricity or mechanical pumps. Each frame can be maneuvered via forklift arms and can be stored and deployed when required. If adequate sewage channels and water feeds are available on site, they can be augmented to suit FRCPT, enabling it to do without the central water/septic tank.

Ablution system

Majestic Mosques are often neglected of facilities that tarnishes its magnificence. Our studies have shown rudimentary taps running off walls are un-ergonomic and inadequate for the Muslim ablution ritual. GBH, under guidance form religious masters has designed a Modular Ablution Unit specifically to update utilities currently provided in Mosques.

With modern components to increase comfort and convenience during the Muslim prayer procedure, it includes fully sensored fittings with deep basins and high volume foot shower intergrated with properly angled drainage.

Video (01:15)

Ablution System Brochure (PDF, 521k)

The Instinjak Spout option

Say no to wet toilets, say goodbye to hoses

pools of water around floors and added humidity in a confined spaces likely found in Malaysian bathrooms encourages bacteria growth and is unhygienic. Adding to the problem are the misuse of hoses in public areas which are unsightly, dirty, clumbersome and often missing.

The instinjak bidet spout discreetly integrates into water closet and creates a parabolic flow of water with an outlet degree that prevents any water from leaving the bowl. The volume can be adjusted via a side knob and is geared to the necessary amount required for the Muslim ritual.

Too good to be true? See it at Petronas Twin Towers...instinjak spouts has been there for 10 years.


Automatic Seat Cleaner

The Automatic Seat Cleaner cleans the seat after every use, increasing the confidence and comfort level of the next user. As featured in the Automatic Street Toilet, this product can also be installed in any establishment provided there is a 1 meter cubic space behind the toilet area.

Low Pressure Flush Valve

Normal Flush Valves requires water pressure of 25 pounds per square inch in order for a proper flush. That equals to a gravity pull from 5 storeys high. Without that pressure, water will just flow at a rate too slow to fully lift toilet waste from the base of the toilet bowl.

For those toilets that are not 5 storeys below the water tank, there is a solution: a water pump. These pumps are normally very noisy and can be difficult to maintain. They tend to resonate the cavity from which they are kept and, being mechanical, need regular servicing which can prove difficult as they would be kept in a confined space.

The better solution would be a Zurn Low Pressure Flush Valve, which operates at 5 p.s.i. No pumps, no mechanical parts, low maintenance, no noise. Easy.